Insert Room Outlines on this Drawing

The Insert Room Outlines on this Drawing command is used to insert room outlines that have already been inserted on the project. The rooms can be inserted on another drawing or in another alignment point area. When a room is changed in any area, the room will be updated in all of the other areas at the same time.

To insert rooms in another area or drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM HVAC->Rooms and Walls-> dm_hvac-roomInsert Insert Room Outlines on this Drawing

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->Building Definition->Rooms->Insert Room Outlines on this Drawing

Insert Room Outlines Dialog Box

Building Definition--Rooms.Insert Room Outlines dialog box

Select the floor to be inserted onto the drawing and press the OK button.

If there are multiple alignment points on the drawing, you will be prompted to select the alignment point area to draw the rooms in.

Specify point in alignment point area to use:

If there is only one alignment point on the drawing, it will be selected automatically. All of the rooms on the selected floor will be drawn in the selected alignment point area. The room locations will be based upon the location of the alignment point in the area.

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