The Layers command is used to customize the layers used when inserting items on the drawing.

To customize the layers, go to

DM HVAC->Customization->Layers

See the General Customization Commands section for more information about how the Edit Project List, Edit Standards List, Copy Project List to Standards, and Copy Standards List to Project commands work.

The Edit Project List and Edit Standards List commands open the Layers dialog box.

Layers Dialog Box

Customization--Layers dialog box

Layer Systems

New System: Press this button to create a new layer system.

Delete System: Press this button to delete an existing layer system.

See the Common Drawing Schedule Dialog Box Features section for more information on the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Layer System: This is a list of layer systems currently defined.

General: This layer system is used to store all of the layers not associated with devices, such as photometrics and schedules. Devices cannot be assigned to this layer system. It cannot be deleted or moved.

Layer Keys

Layer Key: This column lists all of the different items that can be inserted using the software. The names in this column are fixed. Each layer key can be mapped to a layer that will be used when inserted that type of item on the drawing. Multiple layer keys can use the same layer.

Layer Name: This column is the layer that will be used when inserting items of that type on the drawing. The layers you can choose from are defined in the lower section of the dialog box.

Undo Layer Key Changes: Press this button to revert the layer key settings to their values when the dialog box was opened.


The layer list displays all the layers that can be assigned to layer keys. The AutoCAD settings for each layer can be set in the list.

Layer Name: The name of the layer.

Color: The AutoCAD color number of the layer.

Linetype: The linetype of the layer.

Plot: Whether or not the layer will be plotted.

Lineweight: The lineweight of the layer. Only used when plotting using STB's.

Plot Style: The plot style of the layer. Only used when plotting using STB's.

Managing Layers

The following buttons in the Layers dialog box can be used to manage the layers in the dialog box.

Delete All Unused Layers: Press this button to delete all layers that are not associated with a layer key.

New Layer: Press this button to add a new layer.

Delete Layer: Press this button to delete a layer.

Undo Layer Changes: Press this button to revert the layer settings to their values when the dialog box was opened.

Using Excel to Modify Layer Settings

The following buttons are used to export and import the layer settings to Excel. When modifying large numbers of layer settings, it is easier to work in Excel than in our Layers dialog box.

Import Layers from Excel: Press this button used to load the layer setting information entered in Excel into the dialog box. The layer settings will be applied to the currently selected layer system.

Export Layers to Excel: Press this button is used to export the layer settings to a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel. When you press button, the Save Layer File As dialog box will appear.


The currently selected layer system will be saved to the file you select. The file will be opened for immediate editing for you. When modifying the file, do not change the header rows, the first column, or the last column. Restrict your changes to the Layer Name, Color, Linetype, Plot, Lineweight, and Plot Style columns.


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