Match Wall Properties

The Match Wall Properties command is used to copy the wall properties from one wall in a room to another. All of the values set using the Query Wall command will be copied.

It is useful to define one exterior wall with the correct wall type, glass type, and other information set. Then use this command to copy that definition to all of the other exterior walls in the project. You will most likely need to go back and set the glass area in each wall properly when you are done, but all the other values will be set.

To copy the properties from one wall to another go to

DM HVAC->Building Definition->Walls->Match Wall Properties

You will be prompted to select the wall to be copied.

Select source wall:

You will then be prompted to select the walls to copy the wall properties to.

Select target wall:

You can continue to select walls to copy to. Press ENTER to end the command when you have copied all the walls.

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