Redraw Room

The Redraw Room command is used to draw a room that already exists in the database. If the room is inserted on the drawing, this command will erase and reinsert the room.

Do not use this command to create a new room. Use the Create Room command for that function. See the Create Room section for more information.

To draw a room, go to

DM HVAC->Building Definition->Rooms->Redraw Room

Redraw Room Dialog Box

Building Definition--Rooms.Redraw Room dialog box

Room List: Select the room to draw from the list. The list displays all the rooms in the project.

Select from Drawing: Press this button to select the room to draw from the drawing. You will be prompted to select a point inside the room.

Specify point inside room:

After you select the point, the dialog box will be reopened with the specified room selected in the room list.

Drawing the Room

Select the room to draw and press the OK button. If the room was previously inserted on the drawing, it will be removed. You will be prompted to identify the location of the room on the drawing.

Specify first room point:

Select a point where the room is to be located. You will be prompted to specify the next room point.

Specify next room point:

Select the next point of the room outline on the drawing. Continue inserting points until room outline is defined.

The room will be displayed on the drawing. You will be prompted to select the location for the room information

Specify room info location:

The room label will be inserted on the drawing with a leader pointing to the room.

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