Remove All Alignment Points

The Remove All Alignment Points command is used to remove all alignment points and alignment point areas from a drawing.

For normal operation, once a drawing has an alignment point inserted in it, the drawing must continue to have an alignment point in it. Removing all the alignment points from a drawing can cause lots of problems. If you try to remove the last alignment point, it will be automatically reinserted on the drawing.

Some times, an alignment point is inserted on accident in a drawing that should not have one. In this case, removing the alignment point is okay. However, it cannot be done using standard AutoCAD commands. Any time the alignment point is removed, it will be immediately reinserted.

The Remove All Alignment Points command exists to handle this situation. The command will permanently remove the alignment point from the drawing.

To remove all alignment points on the current drawing, go to

DM HVAC->Utilities->Remove All Alignment Points

Remove Alignment Points Dialog Box

Utilities--Remove Alignment Points dialog box

You must type REMOVE in the dialog box to remove the alignment points. Removing an alignment point from a drawing that needs one can cause lots of problems. This step is included to help prevent you from accidentally running this command.

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