In Multiple Diffusers

The Set CFM Total->In Multiple Diffusers command is used to set the total airflow through a selected set of diffusers.

To set the total airflow of multiple diffusers on the drawing, go to

DM HVAC->Set CFM Total->In Multiple Diffusers

You will be prompted to select the diffusers for which the total airflow is to be set.

Select objects:

The Set CFM Total in Multiple Diffusers dialog box will appear.

Set CFM Total in Multiple Diffusers Dialog Box

Set CFM total--Set CFM Total in Multiple Diffusers dialog box

Old CFM: The current airflow through the diffusers in CFM.

New CFM: The new airflow for the diffusers.

See the CFM Setting Methods section for more information on the Average CFM in Diffusers and Prorate CFM in Diffusers fields.

Setting the Total Airflow in Multiple Diffusers

When the values in the dialog box are set correctly, press OK. The new CFM value will be set in the selected diffusers.

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