Text Styles

To customize the text heights and fonts used for labels and schedules in the current project, go to

DM HVAC->Customization->Text Styles

See the General Customization Commands section for more information about how the Edit Project List, Edit Standards List, Copy Project List to Standards, and Copy Standards List to Project commands work.

The Edit Project List and Edit Standards List commands open the Text Styles dialog box.

Text Styles Dialog Box

Customization--Text Styles dialog box

Text Style Key: This list indicates where the text style is used. These values cannot be edited.

Text Style: Sets the AutoCAD text style to be associated with the corresponding key. The Default key must have a text style defined. The text style in other keys may be left blank. Blank keys will use the text style defined for the Default key.

If the text style currently exists in the drawing, it will be used as defined.

If the text style does not exist, it will be created using an SHX file of the same name. If an SHX file cannot be found, the Standard text style will be used.

To use a TrueType font, create the text style and associate it with the desired font.

Height: Sets the text height for the key. The Default key must have a height defined. The height in other keys may be left blank. Blank keys will use the height defined for the Default key.

The units for the height are inches on the printed page. To set 1/10″ text for the drawing, use the value 0.1. To set 1/8″ text, use 0.125. When text is inserted, this value will be multiplied by DIMSCALE to determine the height of the text on the drawing.

Scale Factor: Sets the character spacing for the text. Entering a value less than 1.0 condenses the text. Entering a value greater than 1.0 will expand the text. This value is used for diffuser callouts and duct labels.

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