Building Definition

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One of the most powerful features in Design Master Plumbing is the ability to coordinate multiple floors on a single project.  In order to coordinate your design between floors you must first properly define the building from a plumbing point of view.  This is an additional step in the plumbing design process, but it is well worth the extra time and energy.  Following risers up a building, drawing full elevation isometrics, and accurately tracking fixture units throughout a multi-story building are some of the features that rely on a well defined building. 

There are two tasks involved in defining your building.  The first is setting up the floors.  The second is setting your alignment points.  To learn more about these two important steps, follow the links below.

Setting Up Floors

Setting Up Alignment Points

Properly defining your building is useful when designing one-story buildings as well.  Think of the underslab area as a floor too.

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