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Design Master Plumbing recognizes the importance of producing drawings that look professional and that hold to a consistent company standard.  For these reasons the program allows users to fully customize the appearance of the software.  Text, Labels, Layers, Colors, Graphics, Linetypes, and even various plumbing design options can all be set the way your company prefers to see them.  Once this customization is complete it can be saved to a common network drive and then accessed by each user in the firm when they start a new project.  It can also be updated over time as design standards change.

It is recommended that you contact Design Master technical support staff when you begin customizing the program.  We can be reached at 1-866-516-9497.

To learn more about the various ways in which you can customize the software, follow these links.


Block Creation

Pipe Symbol Blocks



Text Styles

Pipe Types

Pipe Graphics

Pipe Labels

Pipe Linetypes

Pipe Flow Categories

Recreate Missing Cusomization

Manage Standards Databases



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