Edit Default Schedule Notes

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You are able to add general notes to the bottom of your pipe symbol project schedules when inserting them on a drawing.  It is also possible to set up a standard set of notes that are always included when you insert a pipe symbol project schedule.  To edit these default notes, select:

DM Plumbing arrowCustomizationarrow Schedule Labels arrowStandards Lists arrowEdit Default Schedule Notes

The Select Standards Database dialog box will appear.

custom labels - project - select standards

Select the standards database you wish to work on and press OK.

The Default Schedule Notes dialog box will appear.

custom labels - project - default notes

Schedules:  this allows you to select the specific schedule that you want to edit.

Edit Schedule Notes:  this brings up the Edit Text dialog box and allows you to type out the default notes.  Press OK when finished editing the notes.

custom labels - project - edit text

The default notes will then print at the bottom of your schedules, as shown below.

default schedule notes sample

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