Edit Multiple Pipes

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The Edit Multiple Pipes command allows you to edit a select group of pipes all at the same time.  To edit multiple pipes, select:

DM PlumbingarrowPipesarrowEdit Multiple Pipes

You will be prompted to Select pipes to edit:

Click on all the pipes you wish to edit.  They will become dashed as you select them. 

edit multiple pipes dashed

Press ENTER when you have finished selecting pipes.

The Edit Multiple Pipes dialog box will appear.

edit multiple pipes dialog

The dialog will appear identical to the Insert Pipe dialog box with one exception.  When two or more pipes you have selected have different definitions, the field will say <Varies>.  See the graphic above for an example.  If that is the field you wish to edit, change the setting as you normally would and all the differing pipes will use the new setting.

See the Insert Pipe section for more information about the settings and values in this dialog box.

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