Edit Pipe Symbol Schedule Project List

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To edit the way the pipe symbol schedules are displayed in a project, select:

DM Plumbing arrowCustomizationarrow Schedule Labels arrowProject Lists arrowEdit Pipe Symbol Project List

The Select Pipe Symbol Group dialog box will appear.

custom labels - project - select group dialog

Select the group you wish to edit and press OK.

The Schedule Label Display and Order dialog box will appear. The name of the group you selected will be displayed in the title of the dialog box.

custom labels - project - display order dialog

Key:  the attribute in the database that is being referenced when generating the schedule.

Label:  the label for the column that is displayed on the printed schedule.  It may be edited in this dialog box.

Width:  the width in inches that the columns will appear on a printed drawing.  A setting of 3 will draw a column that is 3 inches wide when printed on a drawing.

Display:  this check box allows you to include or not include certain columns in the printed schedule.

Move Up and Move Down:  these buttons allow you to rearrange the order in which the columns are displayed by moving them up and down the list.

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