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Each project has its own set of pipe labels.  These are imported from the standards list at the beginning of a project, but they can be modified as the design moves forward.  Each piping system can be modified individually to display the desired information on the labels.  The default setting is to display only the size of the pipe. 

To edit the pipe labels project list, select:

DM Plumbing4 Customization 4 Pipe Labels4 Edit Project List

The Pipe Labels dialog box will appear.

custom pipe labels - pipe labels dialog

Layer System:  this column displays each pipe type and each layer system.  It cannot be edited.  Follow these links to edit pipe types or layer systems.

Label Format:  this column allows you to edit the information that is displayed with each pipe label.  The choices of information to display include; the pipe size, the flow through the pipe, the length of the section of pipe, the total length of the pipe run, and the maximum height of this pipe. 

The default label will display only the pipe size as shown below.

custom pipe labels - default label pic

To display additional or different information in the label, edit the Label Format column.

custom pipe labels - pipe labels dialog 2

Press OK when finished.

You may need to run the Update Drawing Graphics command to get existing pipe labels to display the new information, but all new labels will be inserted showing the correct information.

The pipe label will now include the additional information.

custom pipe labels - edited label pic

Pipe Label Variables:  this is a list of the available pieces of data you can include in the pipe label.  Any combination of label information can be created by the user.

       $SIZE:  the size of the pipe.

       $FLOW:  the calculated pipe flow value for the pipe.

       $SECTIONLENGTH:  the distance to the furthest downstream pipe from the pipe that is being labeled.

       $TOTALLENGTH:  the total length of the longest run in the pipe system, regardless of which pipe is being labeled.

       $MAXZ:  the maximum height of any pipe in the system.





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