Edit Standards List

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You can edit the pipe linetypes standards list so that every new project uses the same set of customized pipe linetype settings.  Editing the standards list functions almost exactly the same as editing the project list, with the following exceptions.  The standards list stores the information on your Design Master Plumbing customization folder and can be used on all future projects, and it will ask you to select which specific standards list you want to edit.  It is possible to create multiple standards lists.  For example, one list is your company's normal format, and a second list is formatted to meet the requirements of a particular client.  When you start a project you can select which standards list you want to use.

To edit the pipe linetypes standards list, select:

DM Plumbing4 Customization 4 Pipe Graphics4 Edit Standards List

The Select Standards Database dialog box will appear.

custom pipe labels - select standards list

Select the standards list you wish to edit and press OK.

The Pipe Linetypes dialog box will appear and function in the same manner as the Pipe Linetypes > Edit Project List command.

custom linetype distances - dialog

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