Follow Pipe Riser

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Plumbing drawings can become quite full of pipe and text as a design develops.  If you need to follow a riser from one floor to another, the Follow Pipe Riser command will automatically take you to the corresponding riser location.  This can be quite useful when designing buildings with three or more floors.  To follow a pipe riser, select:

DM PlumbingarrowPipesarrowFollow Pipe Riser

You will be prompted to Select riser to follow:

Click on the riser you wish to follow.

The Follow Pipe Riser dialog box will appear.

follow pipe riser dialog

Floor: indicates which floor the section of the riser you selected is located on.

Floor List: allows you to select which floor you wish to follow the riser to.  You can follow a riser up or down multiple floors.

Press OK to follow the riser.

If the floor you selected is on the same drawing as the original riser you selected, you will immediately jump to the location of the riser on the floor you indicated.

If you selected a floor that is on another drawing file, AutoCAD will attempt to open the drawing and center you on the riser.

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