Inserting Fixtures

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To insert fixtures on your drawing, select:

DM Plumbing4 Fixtures 4 Insert Fixture Connection

The Insert Fixture Connection dialog box will appear.

fixtures - dialog 1

Pipe Type:  the pipe type for the fixture connection.

Category Name:  the name of the available flow categories.  Some pipe types have only one category, while others have several.  See the Pipe Flow Categories > Edit Project List section for more information.

Flow:  the flow value for the fixture.  These values can be found in your local plumbing codes.

Elevation:  the elevation for the fixture.  The elevation will potentially affect the way the isometric diagram draws and the maximum height calculation.

Pipe Size:  this field allows you to input the size of the pipe feeding the fixture.  This can be set later in the design process as well.

Layer System:  the layer system that the fixture will be inserted on.

Once you have the fixture defined, press OK.

The program will prompt you to Specify fixture connection insertion point:

Click where you want to insert the fixture.

A circle will be inserted on the drawing to represent the fixture and you will be prompted to continue inserting fixtures with the same definition.

fixtures - sample 1

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