Offset Pipe

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The Offset Pipe command allows you to offset a pipe section just like you would a standard line in AutoCAD. 

To offset a pipe, select:

DM Plumbing4 Pipes 4 Offset Pipe

You will be prompted to Specify offset distance <current>:

To specify the distance, you can

Type a value at the command
Select two points on the drawing and have the distance calculated for you
Press ENTER to use the last offset distance

You will then be prompted to Select pipe to offset:

Click on the pipe you want to offset. 

Then you will be prompted to Specify point on side to offset:

offset 1

Click on the side of the pipe you want the offset to go.  The program will insert a new section of pipe at the specified distance from the original. 

offset 2

The command will continue to prompt you to choose pipes to offset until you press ENTER to end the command.

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