Pipe Linetypes

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Design Master Plumbing uses multiple linetypes to represent different pipe systems.  A single dash for cold water, two dashes for hot, and so on.  A short section of pipe will need these dashes to appear at a certain interval so that the pipe is easily identified.  A longer section of the same type of pipe won't need the dashes to be shown so close together and might even be difficult to recognize if they were.  For this reason, the program allows you to set up multiple linetypes for each pipe type, each with a different minimum length setting so that the identifying dashes and graphics will appear at intervals appropriate to the pipe section's length.  The example below shows two cold water pipes with different intervals between dashes.

custom linetypes - sample 1

Follow the links below for more information on how to customize linetypes to match your company standards.

Edit Project List

Edit Standards List

Copy Project List to Standards

Copy Standards List to Project

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