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This section of the manual covers a set of utilities included with the software that help you maintain the integrity of your database.  During normal operation of the program, you should not need to use any of these commands. They are intended for the rare situation when errors and inconsistencies occur in the database.

DO NOT copy or rename files using windows explorer.  Remembering this rule will help you avoid most database problems. 

Instead of using windows explorer, use the following commands in AutoCAD instead.

Rename Drawing

Copy Drawing

The next group of commands are designed to help you recover design information if a database gets out of sync with the drawing files.   As stated above, these commands should not be used very often.  When Design Master Plumbing is used properly these commands will seldom be necessary.   If you do find yourself using any of the three commands listed below more often than once every few weeks we recommend you contact the Design Master support staff and see if they can help teach you how to avoid database problems while you work.  They can be reached at 1-866-516-9497.

Coordinate Drawings and Database

Compact and Repair Database

Delete Extra Devices from Database

The remaining utility commands are for more general drawing maintenance functions and cleaning up after repairing a project project database. 

Erase Coordination Lines

Remove All Alignment Points

Delete DM Backups Over 30 Days Old

Find Lost Toolbars

Update Pipe Breaks

Update Pipe Graphics

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