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Design Master HVAC makes it easy to create diffusers and use them in your design process.

diffuser software

Diffuser Callouts

Customize your diffuser callouts to display the exact information you need on your drawing.

Assign CFM to Diffusers

Each diffuser knows its CFM and will contribute this airflow to the duct sizing and pressure drop calculations. CFM values can be edited during the design process.

Customize Diffuser Graphics

Use different types of diffusers for different situations. Create your own library of custom diffuser types.

Connect Diffusers to Ducts

Connect diffusers to main duct branches and watch as the program generates the flex duct and double line ductwork for you.

diffuser schedule

Diffuser Schedules

Create a complete schedule of diffusers in your project. Transfer the diffuser schedule to new projects to save time.

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