Using IES Files

This tutorial teaches you how to add IES files to your light fixtures in the schedule. An IES file is required to use a light fixture in photometric calculations. You need to obtain the IES file outside of Design Master Electrical. They are available on the manufacturer's websites.

Open drawing E-3.1.

Create Light Fixture Type S

1.Run the Light Fixture Project Schedule command. The Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box will open.

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Devices-> dm_elec-ltgBlockP Light Fixture Project Schedule

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Light Fixtures->Light Fixture Project Schedule

2.Press the New button. The New dialog box will open.
3.Set New Light Fixture Callout to S.
4.Press the OK button to create the light fixture type.
5.Press the Select Block button. The Select Light Fixture Block dialog box will open.
6.Set Light Fixture Description to Single Pole Mounted. It will be near the bottom of the list.
7.Press the OK button to set the block.
8.In the IES File section, press the Select button. The Select IES File dialog box will open.
9.Select the 400watt.ies file in the folder.
10.Press the Open button. A dialog box will ask Load information from IES file?
11.Press the Yes button. The information from the IES file will be loaded in the fixture schedule.
Once the information is loaded you can manually modify the values as needed.
12.Set Volts to 277V 1P 2W.
13.Set Mounting to Pole.
14.Press the Save button to save your changes.

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