Attaching IES Files

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The first step in photometric calculations is to make sure an IES file is attached in the database to each light fixture inserted on the drawing. To attach an IES file, in drawing E1 go to

DM Electrical arrow Light Fixtures arrow Light Fixture Project Schedule

The Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box will open.


Press the Select IES File button as highlighted in the dialog box shown above. The Select IES File dialog box will open.


Select the 2x4.ies file in the E06 Photometrics tutorial folder (see selections above) and press Open. You will be returned to the Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box, which will now have an IES file attached to light fixture B (see below.)


When the proper IES file is displayed as shown above, press Save. You now have an IES file attached to the indoor light fixture B. You could now proceed with the rest of the functions required for indoor photometric calculations.

However, this tutorial is also going to describe how to perform outdoor photometric calculations, so the outdoor parking lot light fixture S also needs as IES file. In the Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box, press Next to select light fixture S. Repeat the above process to attach an IES file, this time attaching 400watt.ies as the IES file (see below.)


The next step in having Design Master Electrical perform indoor photometric calculations is to define the rooms.

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