Creating and Inserting Equipment

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To create a piece of equipment in drawing E2, go to

DM Electrical arrow Equipment arrow Create Equipment

The Equipment dialog box will open as shown below.


Create a piece of equipment called AHU-1. Set the equipment specifications to match those shown below. (The specifications that you will need to change are highlighted in yellow in the screen shot below. They will not be highlighted on your dialog box. Changing the yellow highlighted areas will cause the blue highlighted areas to match the values shown. These are part of the calculations Design Master Electrical automatically performs.)


Once the specifications match, press Create on Drawing.

Insert the equipment on the drawing in the lobby by specifying the insertion point and rotation angle for the equipment, disconnect, and callout. When you have finished, your drawing should match the one shown below.


Congratulations! You now know how to perform the basic functions regarding equipment using Design Master Electrical.

See Circuiting for the next tutorial.

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