Defining Indoor Rooms

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To define rooms, go to

DM Electrical arrow Building Definition arrow Create Room

The Create New Room dialog box will appear.


First, we will create Conference 102. Type "102" in the Room Number field and select "Meeting" in the Room Type field as shown below.


Once the specifications match those shown above, press Create Room. Design Master Electrical will take you to the drawing and prompt you to specify the first room point. Select the inside corners of Conference 102. When you have selected all four corners, press ENTER. Specify the location of the room information box. You have now created the definition of Conference 102 in the database. This is indicated on the drawing by the light green outline of Conference 102 as shown in the drawing below.

Next, create Office 107, 105, and 103 with the Room Type set as "Office" (see drawing below). 


The four rooms have now been defined with the default specifications based on the chosen room type. You could proceed with indoor lighting calculations.

However, let's assume you wish to redefine Office 105. To edit a room definition, go to

DM Electrical arrowBuilding Definition arrowEdit Rooms

The Room Electrical Design Criteria dialog box will appear as shown below.


Press the Next button until room 105 is selected. Set the specifications for the room to match those shown below. (The specifications that you will need to change are highlighted in yellow in the screen shot below. They will not be highlighted on your dialog box.) In order to type a new value for any given field, you must first check the box on the left.


When the specifications match, press Save. As part of the calculations Design Master Electrical automatically performs, the room cavity ratio will have changed as in the blue highlighted area shown below.


Press Exit to return to the drawing. All the definitions are now set and Design Master Electrical has automatically completed the indoor photometric calculations. To view the results of the calculations, you will need to insert an indoor lighting level report.

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