Defining an Outdoor Photometric Boundary

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The first step in performing outdoor photometric calculations using Design Master Electrical is to attach an IES file to any outdoor light fixtures. This was completed above.

The next step is to define the outdoor photometric calculation area boundary. In a typical project, this might be the parking lot area. For this tutorial, we will draw a simple square around the building and the parking lot light fixtures we created. To define the boundary, go to

DM Electrical arrowPoint-by-Point Photometrics arrowDraw General Photometric Calculation Area Boundary

The Insert Point by Point Boundary Ceiling dialog will appear.


If you were defining an interior space with a ceiling, you would define it here. Leave the Area has a ceiling toggle unchecked and press OK.

Design Master Electrical will take you to the drawing and ask you to indicate the first point of the boundary. Indicate the four corners of the boundary, then press ENTER to close the square. It will then prompt you to specify the insertion location for the schedule associated with this boundary. Specify a point to the right of the area. Your drawing should match the one shown below.


The next step is to define any light-obstructing objects.

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