Editing and Re-inserting a Light Fixture Schedule

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To edit the appearance of a light fixture schedule either before or after it has been placed on the drawing, go to

DM Electrical arrow Light Fixtures arrow Insert Light Fixture Project Schedule

The Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box will open as shown below.


Press Edit Column Labels and Order. The Light Fixture Schedule Label Display and Order dialog will appear. Uncheck the box in the Display column for the Notes and Quantity rows as shown below. The empty notes column and the quantity column previously displayed in the light fixture schedule will not be included.


When you have finished editing the label display and order columns and rows, press OK. You will be returned to the Light Fixture Project Schedule dialog box. Press OK. Design Master Electrical will take you to the drawing and ask you to specify an insertion point for the light fixture schedule. Press ENTER to place the new light fixture schedule in the exact same location as the previous location. Design Master Electrical will automatically erase the old light fixture schedule and replace it with the new one. Your drawing should now match the one shown below.


Congratulations! You now know how to perform the basic functions regarding light fixtures using Design Master Electrical.

See Receptacles for the next tutorial.

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