Introductory Tutorials

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The electrical tutorials are a training tool designed to allow you to work through them at your own pace. This file includes the step-by-step instructions. The AutoCAD drawings and Design Master Electrical databases can be downloaded from

When you run the electricalTutorial.exe file, it will install all of the files necessary to work through these tutorials. Two copies of this tutorial will be installed: a help file suitable for viewing on your computer, and a PDF that you can use to print the tutorial.

The drawing files for the tutorial are installed to the "My Documents\DM Electrical Tutorials" folder on your computer. In this folder, there are a number of different folders that correspond to the different steps in the tutorial. Each folder contains the AutoCAD drawings, Design Master Electrical database, and other files necessary for each step.

The tutorials are sequential, with each one building upon the last. You can use the files in the step after the one you are working on to check your work. For example, to check your work on step 1, you can compare what you have done with the files in step 2. If you are able to proceed from step to step without needing to recreate a drawing, you may continue to work on the same drawing. Alternatively, you may choose to start with the drawing included in each folder for each new step.

To begin the tutorials, see the Starting a New Project section.

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