Introductory Tutorials
Starting a New Project
One Line Devices (Panels and Transformers)
Creating Panels
Creating Transformers
Connecting Panels and Transformers
Inserting Plan View Blocks
Inserting Panels on Another Drawing
Inserting Panel Schedules
Light Fixtures
Creating Light Fixtures
Inserting Light Fixtures
Inserting Light Fixture Callouts
Inserting a Light Fixture Schedule
Editing and Re-inserting a Light Fixture Schedule
Creating Receptacles
Inserting Receptacles
Inserting a Receptacle Schedule
Editing and Re-inserting a Receptacle Schedule
Creating and Inserting Equipment
Circuiting Devices
Modeling Existing or Fixed Loads
Drawing Homeruns and Loops
Updating Panel Schedules
Attaching IES Files
Defining Indoor Rooms
Inserting Indoor Lighting Level Report
Defining an Outdoor Photometric Boundary
Defining Light-Obstructing Objects
Querying and Editing Photometric Information
Calculating Outdoor Photometrics
Project Drawing and Database Management

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