Inserting Panels on Another Drawing

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Open drawing E2.dwg in your tutorial folder.

To insert the panels and transformer, go to

DM ElectricalarrowOne Line DevicesarrowRedraw One Line Blocks

The Redraw One Line Blocks dialog box will open as shown below.


Select the two panels and the transformer and press OK. The blocks will be inserted in the current drawing (E2) in the same location as the other drawing (E1). This "same location" is based upon the alignment point. If the blocks are inserted on any drawing in the wrong location, check that the alignment point is in the same location in all drawings.

If the location of the panels on either of the drawings is ever changed, Design Master Electrical will automatically update the location on the other drawing to match when the other drawing is closed and reopened.

For the next step in the tutorial, go to the Inserting Panel Schedules section. 

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