Modeling Existing or Fixed Loads

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To model an existing or fixed load, go to

DM Electrical arrow Circuiting and Homeruns arrow Circuiting (you may already be there due to the last step in this tutorial)

From the circuit list, select circuit H1-37 (make sure panel H1 is selected under One Line Device.) Press Change # of Poles, which is highlighted in yellow in the dialog box shown below. 


The Change Number of Poles dialog box will open as shown below.


Select Three and press OK.

Next, set the specifications under Circuit Loads and Fixed Loads Input to match those shown below. (Changes you need to make are highlighted in yellow.)


When you have finished, press Save Fixed. Note the following in the Circuiting dialog box: the Largest Motor line and the circuit list should match the ones shown below.



You have now created an existing load on panel H1. This "elevator" will not need to be inserted into any drawing on the project. It is a placeholder in the database for an existing device or circuit so that Design Master Electrical's circuiting load calculations will be accurate. Next, you will draw homeruns and loops between circuited devices.

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