Creating Distribution Equipment

This section teaches you how to create and power distribution equipment both in the Revit model and on the one-line diagram.

Start in the ONE-LINE DIAGRAM drafting view.

Create and Power Panel L

1.Run the Insert Create command. The Create Equipment dialog box will open.

DM One-Line-> dmert-red-i-16 Insert Create

2.Set Callout to L.
3.Set Level to FIRST FLOOR.
4.Set Distribution System to 120/208 Wye.
5.Set Model Family to Lighting and Appliance Panelboard - 208V MLO - Surface.
6.Press the OK button to close the dialog box.
7.Insert the panel on the drafting view. You will be prompted to select a distribution equipment to power the panel.
8.Select panel DP.

A feeder will be drawn between panel DP and panel L.


Find and Move Panel L in the Model

1.Run the Highlight Device command.

DM One-Line-> dmert-purple-h-16 Highlight Device

2.Select panel L. The FIRST FLOOR POWER floor plan will open with panel L highlighted.
3.Select panel L and go to the Revit Electrical Circuits tab. The Panel and Distribution System fields reflect the settings configured in the steps above.
4.Run the Revit Pick New command.

Modify | Electrical Equipment-> revit--pick-new Pick New

5.Move panel L beside panel B inside the building.

Optionally, you can use the Revit revit--tag-by-category Tag by Category command to label panel L on the floor plan.

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