Design Master Electrical RT Tutorial

You are reading the tutorial for Design Master Electrical RT 2.0.

These tutorials teach you the basics of using the software. The Where to Learn More section at the end of the tutorial points you to the other resources we have available.

The tutorials are sequential and build on each other. It is simplest to follow them from start to finish.

Tutorial Resources

Download the tutorial ZIP file from our website that corresponds to your Revit version:

Revit 2018
Revit 2019
Revit 2020
Revit 2021
Revit 2022
Revit 2023

The instructions in these tutorials are based upon the Revit project contained in this ZIP file. The ZIP file also contains a PDF copy of the tutorial. Extract the ZIP file to a folder where you can easily find it again.

You can also watch the video tutorial, which follows these tutorials.

Getting Help

Contact us if you need any help while working through the tutorials.

Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

Call 866-516-9497 x2, email, or contact us via live chat.

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