Creating and Defining Rooms

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To create a room, go to

DM HVAC arrow Building Definition arrow Rooms arrow Create Room

The Create New Room dialog box will appear as shown below.


Begin by creating room 101, the lobby. Type "101" in the Room Number area, and choose "Office-Main Entry Lobbies" in the Room Type area. Your dialog box should match the one shown below. The areas you needed to change are highlighted in yellow in the screen shot below; they will not be highlighted in your dialog box.


Once the specifications match, press Create Room. Design Master HVAC will take you to the drawing and ask you to specify the first room point. Specify the inside corners of the lobby; include the hallway. Once you have selected every corner once, press ENTER and Design Master HVAC will close the room automatically. Once the room has been closed, Design Master HVAC will prompt you to specify the location of the room information. Locate the room information box outside of the building. Your drawing should match the one shown below.


Repeat these steps for the other rooms in the building. Rooms 103, 105, 107, and 104 should be set to Room Type "Office-Telephone/Data Entry", Conference 102 should be set to Room Type "General-Conference", and Storage 106 should be set to Room Type "General-Storage". When you have finished, your drawing should match the one shown below.


The rooms in the building are now defined. The next step in specifying the inputs for the building load calculations is to define the walls.

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