Editing Diffusers

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To edit multiple diffusers, go to

DM HVACarrow Diffusers arrowEdit Multiple Diffusers

A Diffuser Information dialog box will appear as shown below. Note that this dialog is slightly different from the Diffuser Information dialogs previously seen.


In this dialog, checking the box next to a field will allow you to set that field for whichever diffusers you wish to define. For this tutorial, check the box next to CFM and type in 350, as shown and highlighted in yellow below. Then press OK.


Design Master HVAC will take you to the drawing and prompt you to select objects. Select each of the return diffusers in the three offices. When you have selected these three diffusers, press ENTER to indicate you have finished selecting objects. Design Master HVAC will modify the diffusers. Your drawing should now match the one shown below.


Now that we have the supply and return air CFM set where we want it, our next step is to check whether this design is sufficient to meet the load requirements of the rooms.

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