Inserting a Diffuser Schedule

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The diffuser schedule will be placed on drawing M0, rather than M1 where you have been working to this point. Open M0.dwg from the folder you are currently working in. Then, to insert the diffuser schedule, go to

DM HVAC arrowDiffusers arrowInsert Diffuser Schedule

The Diffuser Project Schedule dialog box will open as shown below.


Press OK to insert the diffuser schedule using the default column labels and order. Design Master HVAC will take you to the drawing and ask you to specify an insertion point. Click to indicate the placement of the top left-hand corner of the schedule. Your drawing should match the one shown below.


The columns that are displayed in the diffuser schedule and their labels can be customized to match your company's standards. In addition, the diffuser schedule may need to be updated as the design changes. Therefore, next we will demonstrate how to edit and re-insert the diffuser schedule.

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