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Six Reasons to Try
Design Master Electrical

1. Is easy to learn.
“Design Master is so easy to use, it’s fun! We’d be hard-pressed to run our business now without it.”
W. Chelsae Knight, PE
APEX Engineering Corporation
Centreville, MS
2. Turns an essential task—designing one-line riser diagrams—into the calculation engine for your entire plan. This one feature alone could transform your business.
“Design Master Electrical speeds up and simplifies the whole design process.”
Richard N. Miller, PE
RNM Engineering
San Francisco, CA
3. Makes engineering bids easier to put together.
“Because we’re able to do more engineering and proposal work in this department thanks to Design Master, we now have a company bottleneck in our estimating department. They can’t estimate as fast as we can design it!”
Wayne Boyd, Engineering Manager
Lexington, KY
4. Eliminates frustration when the architect asks for a change, because the software recalculates everything. Add or remove a fixture, and repopulates schedules so they’re always accurate.
“Design Master lets us make changes and turn revised drawings around for architects much quicker.”
Jason Palmieri, Electrical Designer
Strunk-Albert Engineering
East Stroudsburg, PA
5. Focuses your energy so you produce more work in less time.
“Design Master brings it all together so one person can do it all—and do it faster. My operation is so efficient now that we even have time to do some local pro bono projects.”
Patrick Fagerman, Principal
APF Engineering
Decatur, AL
6. Costs less than competing products.
“We chose Design Master because it does what we want, and because the alternatives, especially Autodesk’s Revit and BIM products, were much more expensive.”
Michael Robertson, PE
Gulf States Engineering
Mobile, AL and Gulfport, MS

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