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Revit MEP: Balancing Switchboard Loads

Monday, January 4th, 2016

(Part of our ongoing series comparing features in Revit MEP and Design Master to make it clear why our software is better.)

User casquatch has the following problem with switchboards that he asks about on the Revit MEP forums:

“We have a distribution panel that is defined as a switchboard. The panel schedule works as needed EXCEPT we are unable to move any 2-pole circuits to the B/C phases. Is this just a limitation (I’m thinking yes), or is there some fancy way to get the loads to move over?”

This situation is fairly common. When you have multiple 2-pole circuits on a switchboard, you want to change the starting phase in order to balance the load.

In Revit MEP, Not Possible or Ignored

He never gets an answer to his question. Either it is not possible in Revit MEP or the support staff didn’t tell him how. Neither answer is particularly good. Most likely, the question was ignored because it is not possible.

In Design Master Electrical, Possible and Answered

With Design Master Electrical, neither of those possibilities will happen.

First, with our switchboards, it is simple to balance the load. You run the CIRCUITING command, select the circuit, and change the “Starting Phase” setting from the A to B or C.

Second, if you ask a question on our support forum, you will get an answer. We know that your design is depending upon getting the software to work correctly. Even if the answer is “no, we can’t do that”, you need to know that in a timely manner. We’ll make sure to offer any workarounds the  might exist, or guide you to another tool when you find something our software can’t do.

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That’s just one of many ways Design Master Electrical is better than Revit MEP. Visit the Design Master Electrical product page to learn more about our software.