Automatic Homerun

To draw multiple homeruns on a drawing simultaneously, go to

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns->Automatic Homerun

You will be prompted to identify the devices for which homeruns will be drawn.

Select devices to homerun:

You will then be prompted to specify the insertion angle for the homeruns.

Select angle for homeruns to be inserted at / <Point toward panels>:

Select angle for homeruns to be inserted at: All of the homeruns will be drawn pointing in the direction specified.

Point toward panels: All of the homeruns will be drawn pointing toward the panel they are connected to.

Homeruns and loops will be drawn for all of the circuited devices you select. Any devices you did not select that are circuited to a selected device will have loops drawn to them. The homerun will be drawn from the device closest to the panel the circuit is connected to.

Related Options

Hot or neutral first: Sets whether the hot or neutral tick marks are drawn closest to the homerun arrowhead.

Ground location: Sets whether the ground tick mark is inserted closest to or furthest from the homerun arrowhead.

Homerun wire callouts and tick marks: Sets when wire callouts and/or tick marks are displayed on homeruns.

Display tick marks on loops: Sets whether tick marks are displayed on loops.

Multiple arrowheads on combined homeruns: Sets whether combined homeruns display an arrowhead for each circuit.

Homerun arrow block: Sets the block used for homerun arrowheads

This option can be further customized with the Homerun arrow length option.

Tick Mark Blocks options: Set the blocks used for tick marks and the space between tick marks.

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