Calculate Egress Photometrics

The Calculate Egress Photometrics command is used to calculate point-by-point photometrics inside of egress calculation areas. All of the settings available in the command are the same as the Calculate General Photometrics command.

The two commands use different light fixtures and different settings on the light fixtures. See the General Versus Egress Photometrics section for more information about these differences.

To run egress photometric calculations, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics-> dm_elec-photo-egressCalc Calculation Egress Photometrics

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics-> Calculation Egress Photometrics

See the Calculate General Photometrics section for more information about how to use this command.

Edit Title, Column Labels, and Column Order: Press these buttons to modify the layout of the photometric schedule for egress calculation areas and egress calculation lines on the drawing. See the Edit Egress Photometric Area Schedule List section and Edit Egress Photometric Line Schedule List section for more information.

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