Calculate Voltage Drop

The Calculate Voltage Drop command is used to calculate and display the voltage drop on a circuit.

To calculate the voltage drop of a circuit, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns-> dm_elec-recalculateVoltageDrop Calculate Voltage Drop

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns->Calculate Voltage Drop

You will be prompted to select a device on the circuit for which the voltage drop is to be calculated.

Select device on circuit:

After you select a device, a Design Master Electrical dialog box will appear that displays the voltage drop on the circuit. The voltage drop is also printed on the command line.


The calculations for the distance and voltage drop are dependent upon whether loops have been drawn for the devices on the circuit.

Loops Are Drawn

The voltage drop is calculated based upon the loops on the drawing. The load on each loop is adjusted based upon the specific devices that are connected to the loop.

The distance displayed is the length of the longest run of wire on the circuit. It does not necessarily correspond to the path of the highest voltage drop.

The distance between devices is calculated based upon the Circuit Length Calculation Method for the circuit. See the Set Circuit Information section for more information.

No Loops Are Drawn

The distance displayed is the average length of the circuit to each device, weighted by the load on each device. The voltage drop is calculated based upon this distance.

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