Draw 3D Conduit or Cable Tray

To draw conduits or cable trays in 3D, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->3D-BIM-> dm_elec-cableTray-draw3d Draw 3D Conduit or Cable Tray

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->3D-BIM->Draw 3D Conduit or Cable Tray

You will be prompted to select which conduit or cable tray is to be drawn in 3D.

Select conduit or cable tray in system to draw in 3D:

The entire run of the selected conduit or cable tray will be drawn in 3D.

Related Options

3D circle approximation: Sets the number of sides on polygons used to approximate circles in the 3D model.

Draw hangers in 3D: Sets whether hangers are drawn.

Show background below conduit and cable tray: Sets whether the architectural background is visible behind conduits and cable trays.

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