Edit Default Schedule Settings

The Edit Default Schedule Settings command is used to modify the default schedule settings that are used when a project is first created. The schedule note that is displayed before the schedule and the maximum schedule height can be set using this command.

To change these settings in a project, insert the schedule using the corresponding command and make the changes in the dialog box.

To edit the schedule notes in the master database, go to

Ribbon: DME: Customization->Master & Standards Customization-> dm_dm-schNotes Default Schedule Notes

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Standards and Master Lists->Edit Default Schedule Settings

Default Schedule Settings Dialog Box


Schedules: The list of all of the device schedule types. Select the schedule for which you want to modify the note.

Edit Schedule Settings: Press this button to modify the settings for the selected schedule. The Edit Default Schedule Settings dialog box will appear.


Schedule Notes: A note that will appear below the schedule when inserted on the drawing.

Maximum Schedule Height: Whether the schedule has a maximum height. This height is inches on the printed page.

If this is not checked, the schedule will be in a single schedule.

If this is checked, you can specify the maximum height of the schedule. When the schedule exceeds this height, it will be continued in a second schedule next to the first. The label of the second schedule will have the Schedule Title Continued Label option added to it to indicate that it is a continuation of the first schedule. See the Schedules options section for more information.

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