Edit Distribution Equipment Master Groups

The Edit Distribution Equipment Master Groups command is used to make changes to the master schedule groups and list settings for distribution equipment.

To edit distribution equipment master groups settings, go to

Ribbon: DME: Customization->Master & Standards Customization-> dm_elec-old-panel-labelM Edit Distribution Equipment Master Groups

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Standards and Master Lists->Edit Distribution Equipment Master Groups

Select Distribution Equipment Dialog Box


Select the distribution equipment type to which you want to make changes and press the OK button. The <Distribution Equipment> Master Schedule Groups dialog box will appear.

<Distribution Equipment> Master Schedule Groups Dialog Box


See the Schedule Groups section for more information about about how this dialog box works.

Edit Group/Template/Instance Settings: Press this button to open the Insert <Distribution Equipment> List dialog box.

Insert <Distribution Equipment> List Dialog Box


The Insert <Distribution Equipment> List dialog box is used to change the master database settings for how the selected distribution equipment list is displayed when it is inserted on the drawing.

Schedule Notes: A note that will appear below the schedule when inserted on the drawing.

Maximum Schedule Height: Whether the schedule has a maximum height. This height corresponds to inches on the printed page.

If this is not checked, the schedule will be in a single schedule.

If this is checked, you can specify the maximum height of the schedule. When the schedule exceeds this height, it will be continued in a second schedule next to the first. The label of the second schedule will have the Schedule Title Continued Label option added to it to indicate that it is a continuation of the first schedule. See the Schedules options section for more information.

Edit Title, Column Labels, and Column Order: Press this button to modify the layout of the schedule on the drawing. The Label Display and Order dialog box will appear for the selected distribution equipment list.

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