Loop Devices Manually

The Loop Devices Manually command is used to manually force a loop between two devices. The two devices will be connected without regard to whether they are connected to the same circuit on a distribution equipment.

To manually insert a loop between two devices, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns-> dm_elec-circuitloopmanually Loop Devices Manually

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns->Loop Devices Manually

You will be prompted to identify the first device to loop.

Select device to loop from:

You will then be prompted to identify the device to which the first device is to be looped.

Select device to loop to:

Select the next device. A loop will be drawn between the two devices.

Select device to loop to:

Continue to insert loops. Each time you select a device, a loop between the selected device and the last device will be drawn. Press ENTER to finish the command.

Loops inserted manually will not have tick marks. To insert them manually, see the Insert Tick Marks section. To insert them automatically, see the Draw Ticks Marks section.

The voltage drop calculated for the circuit will need to be updated to account for the new loops. See the Calculate Voltage Drop section for more information.

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