3D Drafting

This section describes the options available in the 3D Drafting group in the Design Master Electrical Options dialog box.


Insert 3D blocks on drawing: Whether a 3D block is inserted when a 2D block is inserted.

It is important to select No if you do not want to see the blocks. Do not freeze or turn off the layer using standard CAD commands. If the 3D layer is frozen or turned off, devices will no longer copy properly.

This setting has no impact on exporting devices to IFC files.

3D circle approximation: Circles are approximated in the 3D model as polygons. This option sets the number of sides of a polygon used to represent a circle. Higher numbers more closely approximate a circle, but greatly increase file size. The minimum number value for this option is 8.

Draw hangers in 2D: Whether hangers are drawn in 2D.

Draw hangers in 3D: Whether hangers are drawn in 3D. This setting has no impact on exporting hangers to an IFC file. It only affects whether they are visible in your CAD program.

Show background below conduit and cable tray: Whether the architectural background that appears behind conduits and cable trays is visible.

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