Print Blocks

The Print Blocks command is used to print all of the blocks in your database on the drawing. You can use this command to review all of the blocks that are defined in your database.

To insert a table of all available blocks on your drawing, go to

Ribbon: DME: Customization->Block Creation->Print Blocks

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Customization->Print Blocks

Select Drawing List Dialog Box


Database to Use: Whether to use the block list from the project or master database.

Table to Use: Which type of blocks to display.

Press the OK button. You will be prompted you to select an insertion point for the table.

Insertion point:

A table of blocks will be inserted on the drawing, similar to the light fixture block table shown below. The appearance of this table cannot be customized. It is intended for internal review purposes and not to be published in your final plans.

Customization--Print Blocks example

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