Print Distribution Equipment Takeoff

To perform a takeoff of distribution equipment and feeders in your project, go to

Ribbon: DM Electrical->Takeoffs-> dm_elec-takeoff-printOneLine Print Distribution Equipment Takeoff

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Takeoffs->Print Distribution Equipment Takeoff

Print Distribution Equipment Takeoff Dialog Box


See the Common Takeoff Information section for more information about how this dialog box works.

Press the OK button. The takeoff will be generated as an HTML file and displayed in your web browser. The distribution equipment is sorted and grouped by type. Examples of distribution equipment takeoff information and the format in which the information is displayed are provided below.


takeoffs - panel sample


takeoffs - xfmr sample

Breaker Totals

takeoffs - breaker total sample

Breakers are listed twice: once with the device with which they are associated, and again in a separate section that totals all of the breakers in the project. The breaker quantities do not include main disconnect breakers, which are listed separately as part of the distribution equipment description. The project totals are grouped by voltage and AIC rating.

Feeder Lengths

takeoffs - feeder sample

Feeders are also listed multiple times: with the equipment with which they are associated, in a total for the project, and by feeder if Feeder Length by Feeder was checked. The length of the feeder serving each equipment is listed with the equipment. The feeder length is labeled as either being Calculated or Fixed. Feeder lengths labeled Calculated were calculated based upon the location of the distribution equipment on the drawings. Feeder lengths labeled Fixed were input directly by the user and are not based upon the drawings.

Related Options

Feeder make-up: Sets additional length to be added to feeders for connections.

This option can be further customized with the Ignore make-up on feeders shorter than this option.

Display neutral wire count separately from phase wire count: Sets how the neutral wire is displayed in wire callouts.

Conduit location: Sets how the conduit location is displayed in wire callouts.

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