Getting Started

This section walks you through getting starting with Design Master Electrical RT. It does not cover all of the information about every command. For complete details, see the DM Electrical Ribbon Command Reference and DM One-Line Ribbon Command Reference sections.

The Ribbon Tabs: How to find the Design Master Electrical RT commands in Revit.

Editing Panels: How to add information to distribution equipment necessary for calculations and one-line diagrams.

One-Line Diagram: How to create a one-line diagram connected to your Revit model.

Editing Circuits: How to set the sizing settings for branch circuits and view the values in the panel schedule.

Circuit Descriptions: How to set descriptions on circuits.

Motor and Mechanical Equipment Sizing: How to size branch circuit breakers and conductors correctly for motors and mechanical equipment.

Calculating: How to run the calculations.

Viewing Schedules: How to view the calculated values in schedules.

Arc-Flash Basics: How to calculate arc-flash.

Customization Basics: How to customize Design Master Electrical RT.

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