Edit Room Label List

The Edit Room Label commands are used to modify the labels that appear on rooms on the drawing. Each row that is displayed is included in the label in the order listed in the table.

To edit room label project settings, go to

Ribbon: DMH: Customization->Project Customization-> dm_dm-roomLabel Room Label Group

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Project Lists->Edit Room Label Project List

To edit room label standards settings, go to

Ribbon: DMH: Customization->Master & Standards Customization-> dm_dm-roomLabelM Room Label Group

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->Customization->Labels and Schedules->Standards Lists->Edit Room Label Standards List

Room Label Display and Order Dialog Box


See the Common Label and Schedule Information section for more information about using the Move Up and Move Down buttons and the Key, Label, Width, and Display fields.

Run the Update Room Labels command after changing the room label settings to update room labels already inserted on the drawing.

Values in the Key column are listed alphabetically below.

Area: The area of the room based upon the room outline inserted on the drawing, in square feet.

Number: The room number for the room. See the Edit Rooms section for more information.

Type: The type of the room, taken from the room project schedule. See the Edit Rooms and Room Project Schedule sections for more information.

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