Export Room Air Balance Report

The Export Room Air Balance Report command is used to create a report listing the air balance for each room in the project. This report can be exported to a tab-delimited text file or to a schedule on the drawing.

The following information will be displayed for each room:

The supply, return, and exhaust airflow values, based on the diffusers that have been inserted on the drawing.
The outside air airflow value, based upon the outside air requirement set in the room definition.
The outside air percentage required. This value is based upon the outside air airflow value divided by the supply airflow, and indicates the minimum percentage of supply that must be outside air.

To create the air balance report, go to

Ribbon: DM HVAC->Load Calculations-> dm_dm-util ->Export Room Air Balance Report

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->Building Definition->Reports->Export Room Air Balance Report

Air Balance Report Dialog Box


Export to File: Press this button to export the air balance report to a file. The information will be exported to a file named dm_hvac-airbalance.txt in your project folder. This file can be opened using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Running the command again will overwrite the file. If you need to save any changes to the file, save it under a new filename. Otherwise, the changes will be lost if you run the command again.

Export to Drawing: Press this button to insert the air balance report as a schedule on the drawing. You will be prompted to specify the insertion point for the report.

Specify insertion point for room air balance report:

The report will be inserted on the drawing. The layout of the report can be modified using the Edit Room Air Balance Report List command.

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