Insert Takeoff Area

To create a takeoff area, go to

Ribbon: DM HVAC->Takeoffs-> dm_hvac-takeoff-insert Insert Takeoff Area

Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC->Takeoffs->Insert Takeoff Area

Insert Takeoff Area Dialog Box


See the Common Takeoff Information section for more information about how this dialog box works.

Enter a name for the takeoff area and press the OK button.

You will be prompted to specify the first point of the takeoff area.

First point of takeoff area:

You will then be prompted to specify the next point.

Specify next point:

Continue inserting points until the takeoff area outline is defined. Press ENTER to complete the takeoff area outline.

A polyline will appear representing your takeoff area. The polyline is on a non-plotting layer and will not display on printed drawing files.

When a takeoff is performed in the area, all of the ducts, diffusers, and fittings in the area will be included.

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